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Porfirio Castro

Porfirio has always been passionate about interior design. If we travel back in time, we will find him drawing houses on paper or painting his room. At an early age, he began to remodel properties in the United States and had the opportunity to work for the renowned interior design and retail company West Elm.

Upon his return to Peru in 2009, he began his journey in the Peruvian interior design market. He studied at Toulose Lautrec Design & Arts School and worked for 7 years at Rosen, a Latin American furniture design company. However, it was in 2017 when he decided to start his own path, the creation of a design studio where he began to make a difference.


Our purpose is to transfrom lifes through design and connection with the client.

Porfirio, together with his team of designers, always shows that two elements are needed to achieve a 100% functional and trendy space: a real connection with people and knowing how to enjoy each stage of the process.


He has participated in two editions of Casa Cor Perú and constantly collaborates with local design stores, such as Sierra Muebles. 


Porfirio is currently developing a collection of pieces that will highlight local culture and global trends.

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